Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 VCOA National Meet

On Monday January 10th, the Volvo Club of America Board of Directors selected the Heart of America Chapter to host the 2011 VCOA National Meet. The National Meet is the single, largest major event sponsored by the Club each year. This year's event will be held June 17, 18 & 19 in Lindsborg, Kansas.

Lindsborg, Little Sweden USA, annually presents largest traditional Swedish Midsommar celebration in the USA that highlights authentic Swedish folk and cultural activities. In 2008, the HOA Chapter hosted a highly successful VCOA Regional Meet in Lindsborg. This year's event should offer an even more enjoyable weekend for Volvo enthusiasts from all across the country.

Lindsborg's central location offers VCOA members from all across the USA unique venue meet and share their passion for all things Volvo. Lindsborg's authentic Scandinavian atmosphere of Lindsborg is the best opportunity to enjoy your Volvo without having to cross an ocean.

The designation as National Meet hosts is a recognition of the quality and strength of Heart of America Chapter. Event planning continues and further details will be announced soon.


Glen McMillin said...

Fanastic! This should be a incredibe event. Great location, and the VCKC does an unequaled job in putting on meets.

69 1800S
95 850 T-5R

swiftjustice44 said...

This is GREAT! Lindsborg rocks! I'll bring a 242 this time...if it's finished!

73 144
80 242 ???
90 740 V8

Lawrence "Lornie" Haugen said...

Iam anxious to finally be able to attend a national meet. The community of Lindsborg is very interesting and a perfect place for a gathering of this type.

My 850 (now has 506K miles) and Scamp will be excited to hit the road again!!

From Sweden with Löv said...

As a swedish Volvo-fan I couldn't help noticing you are planning to celebrate Midsommar. Watch this video for a short instruction how it's done the swedish way.

Best of luck with the meeting.