Friday, April 1, 2011

National Meet Registration Open!!!!!!!!

Registration the 2011 VCOA National Meet is now open! You can register for the event in two ways:
  • On-line for credit card payment at and select the homepage link--> Registration link--> REGISTER NOW
  • Mail-in: send the following information
  • Participant name(s)
  • Mailing address
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Zip Code
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • T-shirt size(s)
Send with payment to:

PO Box 16
Afton, NY

Event Information Registration ends May 31, 2011

Complete event information is available at Select the 2011 National event link for information about Lindsborg, event activity schedule, lodging and registration.

Hosted by:
VCOA Kansas

Event Website Now Live

The 2011 VCOA National Meet event-specific website is now live! The site provides in-depth event information including:
  • Unique Event Features
  • Information about Lindsborg, Kansas
  • Complete 3-day activity schedule
  • Lodging information
  • Registration processing
Access to the website can be reached at
Select the event link on the homepage.

The website has been designed to provide the information to those considering participation in this year's truly unique National Meet. Any specific questions not answered on the website can be directed to Bob Ottaviano, Event Director at

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

National Meet Director Announced

Bob Ottaviano has been selected as the Event Director for the 2011 VCOA National Meet. Bob lives in Shawnee, KS and currently drives a 2007 XC-90. Even though Bob is a relatively new Volvo enthusiast, he has been a very active member of the VCOA's Heart of America Chapter. His many Volvo-related adventures include participation in the 2010 VCOA Midsommar Regional Meet in Kansas City, a local day ride to the St. Joseph, Missouri State Hospital Museum, and several chapter meetings.

In addition, Bob will serve as the Chapter Treasurer, taking over from Vern Rowland, owner of Vern's Import Service, Merriam, Kansas. Vern has provided great service to the Club for many years as Treasurer.

Lindsborg was chosen as the site for this year's event because of its unique Swedish legacy. Settled in 1869 by nearly one hundred Swedish immigrants, the community maintains an Old World charm and character that highlights its Scandinavian roots.

According to Bob, "Lindsborg is the perfect setting for a major Volvo enthusiast gathering. It offers a Swedish cultural immersion experience like no other spot in the USA. It is the best chance to drive your Volvo in Sweden, without having to cross an ocean! The Lindsborg community is eagerly anticipating our Volvo invasion."

Bob is responsible for the planning and coordination for this year's national gathering. He will be working with the Heart of America members to insure that the event will be one of the most memorable VCOA gatherings ever.

Bob can be reached at:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 VCOA National Meet

On Monday January 10th, the Volvo Club of America Board of Directors selected the Heart of America Chapter to host the 2011 VCOA National Meet. The National Meet is the single, largest major event sponsored by the Club each year. This year's event will be held June 17, 18 & 19 in Lindsborg, Kansas.

Lindsborg, Little Sweden USA, annually presents largest traditional Swedish Midsommar celebration in the USA that highlights authentic Swedish folk and cultural activities. In 2008, the HOA Chapter hosted a highly successful VCOA Regional Meet in Lindsborg. This year's event should offer an even more enjoyable weekend for Volvo enthusiasts from all across the country.

Lindsborg's central location offers VCOA members from all across the USA unique venue meet and share their passion for all things Volvo. Lindsborg's authentic Scandinavian atmosphere of Lindsborg is the best opportunity to enjoy your Volvo without having to cross an ocean.

The designation as National Meet hosts is a recognition of the quality and strength of Heart of America Chapter. Event planning continues and further details will be announced soon.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

VCOA Midsommar June 17, 18 & 19

2011 VCOA Midsommar is scheduled for June 17, 18 & 19. This year the event returns to Lindsborg, Kansas. Lindsborg, Little Sweden USA, annually presents the largest authentic festival celebrating this most significant of Swedish holidays. One of the most successful VCOA Midsommar events was held in June 2008. This year's event is shaping up to be even better!

In 2011, there can be no better way to share you enthusiasm for our beloved Swedes than immersed in the Scandinavian atmosphere and cultural experience that is Midsommar in Lindsborg.

Further details will be posted as they become available.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fantastic Midsommar Photos Available

2009 VCOA Midsommar highlights are now available for viewing. Nils Neubauer, Event Photographer, has done an amazing job of staging and capturing some of the highest quality Volvo enthusiast images ever collected. Many of the Midsommar images are unique presentations of favorites from the Volvo model spectrum. They are available for viewing on an event dedicated website by simply selecting the "2009 Images" link to the right.

The website also has a link to a great event Slide Show contributed by Susan Downs. Great job and thanks to Susan!

Nils' contributions to the success of 2009 Midsommar are greatly appreciated. Not only is the quality of this artistry outstanding but all his work was performed at no cost to the event. Look for some of his photos in the upcoming Rolling magazine event coverage.

Nils has graciously offered to produce individual photographic prints on request for Midsommar participants. Individual requests can be made directly to Nils at . There will a charge associated for his services and these will be quoted at the time of the request.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

2009 VCOA Midsommar Winners

Special Awards

Best in Show
George McDonald 1967 122

Volvo with Attitude
Brian Tally 1983 242 Turbo

Route 66 Road Warrior (west bound)
Lornie Haugen 1994 850 & Scamp

Route 55 Road Warrior (east bound)
Regina & Gary Murph 1994 965

Bud Tugley Award (most potential)
Spencer Flournoy 1984 242 Turbo

Model Groups

P444/445/544/210 Group
1st Phil Turner 1965 PV544

P120/220 Group
1st George McDonald 1967 122

P1800 Group
1st Tally Family 1972 1800E
2nd Tanner McMillian 1969 1800S
3rd Bill Hanks 1973 1800E

140/160 Group
1st Delesa Michalski 1972 164E
2nd Sean Connolly 1975 164E
3rd J. C. Mercer 1973 144

240/260 Group
1st Brian Tally 1983 242 Turbo
2nd Chris Strong 1981 242
3rd Cal Peterson 1980 242DL

700/900/S90/V90 Group
1st Regina & Gary Murph 1994 965
2nd Clay Johnson 193 940
3rd Kerry O'Connor 1993 945 Turbo

850/S70/V70 Group
1st Lornie Haugen 1994 850
2nd Noe Antonio Bravo 1998 S70 GLT
3rd Michelle Kennett 1998 V70 AWD Turbo

S40/V40/V50/S60/C70/S80 Group
1st Tally Family 2008 C30
2nd Dion & Tammy Gonzales 2004 S60R
3rd Holly & Bart Klein 2004 C70

V70/XC70/XC90 Group
1st Laurie R. Grimmett 2007 V70R
2nd Susie Downs 2001 V70-T5
3rd Michael Morse 1998 V70 AWD Turbo

Cruisin' 66 Road Rally

1st (tie) Gayle Peper & George McDonald 1967 122
1st (tie) Kathleen & Jack Royer 1973 1899ES

1st (tie) Cal & Mark Peterson 1980 242DL
1st (tie) Peter Rhyins & Robert Thomison 1991 240SW
3rd Regina & Gary Murph 1994 965

1st Susie & George Downs 2001 V70T5
2nd Laurie & Evan Grimmett 2004 V70R
3rd Tally Family 2008 C30

Additional Awards

Farthest Distance Traveled
1st Regina & Gary Murph 1994 965
2nd Lornie Haugen 1994 850
3rd Cal Peterson 1980 242DL